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The Super Wheat

Emmer wheat or Khapli wheat is a saviour for people looking for low gluten options to whole wheat. It has been around for thousands of years but is cultivated in selective parts of India. In winters, a delicious Kheer is made from Khapli which is a Maharashtrian dish and  it attains a nutty flavor from the Khapli grain. 

This naturally grown Khapli wheat along with being low in gluten has other curative properties for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It has high nutritive value, high dietary fibre content, low glycemic index and higher content of antioxidant compounds which can result in various health benefits.

It can be extremely beneficial to substitute whole wheat grains with Khapli grains which are 100% organic and sourced from certified farmers in your daily diet. It is easy to integrate them in any cuisine as it has the same texture as whole wheat except that it’s flour is a red bit in colour.

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