Gooric is a Kolkata based brand created by Jyoti and Deepak, in collaboration with farmers who have Desi Cows with A2 milk.

Jyoti is a Technology Lead with an MNC during the daytime and a milkman in the morning. When he could not find quality milk for his pregnant wife in the market, he decided to solve this problem for everyone. He tied up with local farmers, who had A2 Desi cows. Every morning at 5 am he goes to the farmers, gets the milking done in front of him and delivers it to over 40 households.

Inspired by him, his elder brother Deepak quit his job and joined Jyoti to start a dairy and started making paneer, buttermilk, and ghee, as well. All the products from them are made using milk of A2 desi cows.

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