Kalplata Naturals

On returning to India in 2006 Parul Choudhury realized that India was heading the deadline western path of disconnect with our food and food values, a path that meant increasing issues of health, social and cultural disengagement for us. Interestingly, we all earn to eat but the least we know about is our food.

This led her to take up organic farming in 2016 on 30 acres of family land in Kota Rajasthan. It helped her discover the abundance of nature, the life in our soils, the biodiversity that enriches the environment and has extended to issues not limited to human health but that of our soil, water and farmers. Kalplata is born out of the churnings of wanting to move and help others move towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Kalplata Naturals works with various small and marginal farmers in Rajasthan and Gujrat*. 

* Please note that Organic Mandi only sources the products grown directly at the farm owned by Parul Choudhury

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  • Kalpalata Sharbati Wheat Flour

  • Kalpalata Sharbati Wheat