Kamdhenu Sendriy Sheti Gat

The  Kamdhenu group has been practicing Organic farming on 70 acres since 2013. They have an established farm to fork model where they cater to over 90 families (mostly comprising of government officials) in Sailu Taluka. It is commendable to see how these families have come forward to support their local farmers and the awareness they have towards the importance of consuming organic food.

The farming practices of the group resonate closely with Zero Budget Natural Farming practices but over the years it has evolved into a more comprehensive method. Kundlik is one of their most progressive farmers of the group and is supported by his entire family on the field. We recommend reaching out to Kundlik and asking him to share videos of his family members working on the field - he has plenty of them.

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  • Kamdhenu Sendriy Sheti Gat Organic Khapli Wheat Flour

  • Kamdhenu Organic Khapli Wheat

  • Kamdhenu Sendriy Sheti Gat Organic Jowar Flour

  • Kamdhenu Organic Jowar

  • Kamdhenu Sendriy Sheti Gat Moong / Green Gram

  • Kamdhenu Sendriy Sheti Gat Black Rice