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Prior to forming Krishidut, Sachin Tanaji Yevale was the senior auditor with APOF Organic Certification Agency Pune. He runs his own Organic store by the highway in Peth-Sangli and is famous for its vegetables and herbal tea. His experience can be read in the Krushiraj Magazine published especially for the farmers. He has conducted multiple training sessions for Agriculture students in collaboration with the Department Of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra. 

Sachin cultivates over 30 varieties of crops on his 0.3 ha of land out of which he saves seeds for 28 varieties. His practices include green manuring, mulching, inter-cropping, crop rotation, some of the zero budget natural farming methods, but most importantly he works on bacteria and fungi cultures like PSB, KSB, etc which is the latest development in the organic farming space in India. 

Because of his love for the environment he makes Ganesha idols out of cow dung on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Krishidut Agro Farm Organic Certificate

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