Sumitra Dairy

Sumitra Dairy was co-founded by Hari Har Rao and Ravi Kant. Hari was with the Air Force, followed by the hospitality industry in the Gulf but he found his calling which made him quit his lucrative job and come back to his village in Ganjam district in Orissa while Ravi also quit his job in the middle east to join hands with Hari in August 2018.

Their shared love for technology and Organic farming resulted in a circular economy based dairy. They have created a balance between ancient Vedic practices and modern scientific methods. The dairy runs completely on solar & biogas based energy, both of which was indigenously designed and setup by them. The 5 cubic meter Biogas plant helps them cook, the energy generated is used for their Cow urine distillation unit and curd churning unit.

They are also working on Panchagavya based medicines. The dairy primarily has Red Sindhi & Haryana breed desi cows ensuring only A2 milk, ghee and other products. 

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