Timbaktu Organic

One of the most successful FPOs in India, an ideal example of farmers coming together and taking matters into their own hands. Right from production, to processing and marketing - everything is in-house. In times where drought and small-scale land holdings have become a major challenge, a group of organic farmers in Ananthapuramu district are leading by example. They focus on the cultivation of millets, which are considered ‘super foods’. Once a staple of South Indian cuisine, millets are now growing in popularity across the country. 

Dharani Farming and Marketing Cooperative (Dharani FaM CooP Ltd.) was registered in 2008. The group started working together in 2005, when it was established as a unit of the Adisakthi Women’s Thrift and Credit Cooperative. They later started marketing organic food products using the brand name ‘Timbaktu Organic’. Dharani FaM CooP Ltd. is promoted by The Timbaktu Collective, a well-known non-profit organisation in Ananthapuramu that collaborates with more than 22,500 families as part of various thematic programmes.

The Timbaktu Collective was among 15 practices recognized as ‘Outstanding Practices in Agroecology 2019’ by the World Future Council (WFC) in collaboration with Technology for Agroecology in the Global South (TAGS). The Collective’s work in organic farming is now regarded as an exemplary agro-ecological practice that empowers small-scale food producers, nurtures sustainable food production systems, and promotes resilient agricultural practices.

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