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At Organic Mandi, our mission is to promote organic farming by ensuring that the organic farmers get the best value for their product, and our customers get authentic natural produce directly from the people who grow it.

Today, rampant use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has converted our food into poison. The impact of chemical farming is now becoming more and more prominent with increased health and environmental issues. And an organic farmer is our only hope against the disastrous effects of industrial farming.

At Organic Mandi, we help these farmers start their own packaging and branding, and then connect them to end consumers. With no middlemen, farmers get better prices and consumers get genuine organic products, without burning a whole in their pocket.


Our Team

Ankit Mantri

Co-founder & CEO

An IIT Kharagpur gradutate, Ankit has worked for 8 years with e-commerce giants like Amazon and Hopscotch.

With a deep interest in farming, Ankit wanted to start his own organic farm. But after learning about the challenges organic farmers face in marketing, he decided to start Organic Mandi, so that he can use his technological skills to help organic farmers, get better value for their produce.

Abhishek Singhania


A graduate from IIT Madras, he worked as a consultant with PwC before finding his calling that came from farmer suicides in Vidarbha.

Since 2015 he has travelled across the country meeting Organic farmers, has an integrated Organic farm (Echoes Natural Farm) in Kolkata, specializes in farm designing and strategizing. In his spare time you will find him in a squash court or a swimming pool or feeding his rescued dogs.

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