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The Sharbati Sweetness

Sharbati gehu or wheat is considered superior to other varieties of wheat. And there are plenty of reasons for that. Here are some of those

  • Sharbati wheat is grown primarily in drought prone areas of Sehore, although farmers in other areas with similar climatic conditions have also started growing this variety.
  • This wheat is sweetish in taste as compared to other varieties of wheat.
  • This variety has lesser water content and requires more water to make dough than regular wheat flour. More water content results in softer and more fluffy rotis. Softness combined with sweetish taste results in tastier rotis.
  • The soil for Sharbati wheat is high in potash content and low in humidity. This amazingly ends up increasing the protein content of the wheat by almost 2% more as compared to regular wheat atta, making it healthier.

About Kalplata Naturals

Started by Parul Choudhury in 2017 and incubated at IIM Ahmedabad, Kalplata Naturals has a certified organic farm in Rajasthan which was started in 2016 as a step towards healthy and conscious living. Kalplata Naturals is an amazing example of impact which can be created when highly educated people pick up organic farming to help small and marginal farmers.

* Please note that Organic Mandi only sources the products grown directly at the farm owned by Kalplata Naturals.