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Powerhouse Of Vitamins

These savory legumes from Krushikanya Sendriya Shetkari Bachat Gat are 100% chemical-free and are certified by the Government of India. Known as the distant cousin to Rajma, the Black Eye Lobia or Chawli is one of the richest pulses in protein. They are an excellent source of complex carbs, fibre and other essential minerals and Vitamins needed in your daily diet.

Its high potassium content could leave you untouched from cardiovascular disorders and give you a strong and healthy heart on daily consumption. It carries an abundance of Vitamin A content which can improve the strength of your eye tissues. Its fibre content could be a good friend to your digestive system. It can also help you to lose weight while being high on protein and low on carbs.

Black eye Lobia is called by different names across Indian and has many varieties of dishes that you could prepare from it. It has a firm texture with nutty flavour and makes delicious combination to a tomato curry. Its curry is paired most commonly with boiled rice and serves as good comfort food for your bedridden days providing you with the correct proportion of nutrition needed. 

About Krushikanya Sendriya Shetkari Bachat Gat

  • A self help group of 20 female farmers
  • Certified under PGS-India scheme of Govt of India
  • Engaged in organic farming since 2015

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