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Organic Kulthi / Horse gram / Hulga

Kulti or Horsegram is one of the most nutritious legumes known on the planet and a native to India. The high powered lentil is fed to the horses before their races to boost their strength and energy, and thus got the name Horse-gram. It has different names in different parts of India, like Kuhadi, Hulga, Kolatha, and more depending on the region.

It is a humble grain grown in harsh conditions and carrying Ayurvedic medicinal properties beneficial for Asthma, Bronchitis, Jaundice, hemorrhoids and more. It’s rich in iron, protein, calcium and fibre which makes an ideal combination of necessary diet nutrients. It is also known as a super food capable of treating Type 2 diabetes as well as help in expelling kidney stones with its powerful antioxidants properties. 

These grains from Krushikanya Sendriya Shetkari Bachat Gat are grown organically and are 100% chemical-free. This ensures optimum health benefits from this protein abundant gram consumed in any form.  Adding boiled Horsegrams in your salads can be an excellent way of adapting it in your daily food habits.

About Krushikanya Sendriya Shetkari Bachat Gat

  • A self help group of 20 female farmers
  • Certified under PGS-India scheme of Govt of India
  • Engaged in organic farming since 2015

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