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The Miracle Millet

Perfect for the winter season, bajra is a coarse grain that is made up of starch. Its  warming property makes it favoured by all in the chilly wintry seasons. With constant hunger pangs during the winter season, it keeps you feeling full for longer duration and also helps in digestion.

Health Benefits

Here are the three reasons why you should include Bajra in your diet
  • Control Your Diabetes - With its high fibre content, it delays the process releasing glucose as compared to other foods. This helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for a longer duration and curbs your hunger pangs too.
  • Stabilizes Your Cholesterol levels - Bajra contains phytochemical, which is called phytic acid believed to increase cholesterol metabolism. 
  • Prevents Cancer: Bajra has cancer-fighting properties. A study showed that regular intake of Bajra protects pre-menopausal women from developing breast cancer.
  • Not just rotis, you can use this gluten free slightly coarse millets to make a range of dishes such as thepla, khichdi, cakes, crepes, wraps, tarts and much more.

About Salubris Pure Organic

  • Salubris Pure Organic  is a brand owned by Pure Organic Farmers group.
  • The group has now 500+ farmers
  • The group has won numerous awards like "Best Farmer", "Krishi Kranti 2017", "Jai Jawan - Jai Kisan 2017", "Ideal Woman Farmer 2018" and many more.

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