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Sorghum Millet - Your Natural Weight Loss Food

Jowar or Sorghum millet is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the trend of going back to our ancient food practices. In rural areas of Maharashtra - leading producer of Jowar - it is an integral part of daily diet. And that is not without reason. This humble millet is really healthy because of its nutrients, low glycemic index and it is gluten free.

Here are some its health benefits to make you include Jowar in your daily diet

  • As compared to other cereals, Jowar hasåÊhigh dietary fiber contentåÊwhich makes you feel full for a longer duration and therefore helps in weight management. Dietary fiber also aids in digestion, and helps in problems like constipation, stomach ache, diarrhea etc.åÊ
  • Jowar is a complex carbohydrate and is digested slowly, resulting in more gradual release of glucose in blood. This makes it a great replacement of wheat for diabetic people.åÊSlow glucose release combined with high dietary fiber becomes reallyåÊeffective for weight loss.
  • Jowar packs a neat punch of iron along with several other mico-nutrients and helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Iron combined with copper, anti-oxidants and other nutrients in Jowar makes it a healthy choice foråÊyour heart.
  • It is also gluten free, making it a great replace of wheat for people looking to avoid gluten from their diet.
  • Apart from so many benefits it is also good for your bone health and energy levels.
  • Grown and processed organically, this Jowar is completely free of any harmful toxins and provides more health benefits as compared to chemically grown Jowar.

This Jowar Flour is made from organic Jowar and isåÊprocessed and packed by farmers of Salubris Pure organic, in a certified organic facility.åÊThis group of about 500 farmers from Baramati, in Maharashtra has won several awards for their contribution to organic farming in the state, and is certified under PGS as well as NPOP standards. Click on below link to know more about them and their certificates.

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