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Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has versatile benefits, from enhancing diet nutrients to being an excellent beauty enriching product for many people. This coconut oil is made from the cold-pressed method which means the pulp of the coconut is scooped and pressed naturally to produce the oil. This oil has a mild coconut flavour to it without any preservatives or artificial essence which is generally added externally in the refined coconut oil.

The quick absorption rate of coconut oil is great to infuse cells with moisture and nutritive goodness. It is a rich source of nutritionally valuable fatty acids which is considered great for skin as well as dry scalp and hair. The medium-chain saturated fat (MCFA) in cold-pressed coconut oil does not affect the bad cholesterol level but instead increases the good cholesterol level in the body. These MCFAs are also proven to increase the metabolism of the body as well as improve the digestive system of the body. 

Cold-pressed oil and the refined oil have their own usage advantages which are different from each other depending on the usage. Cold-pressed oil is known to be more effective for medium heat cooking and refined oil is to be used for high heat cooking. The cold-pressed oil when added to the food gives an aromatic flavour to the food and makes it taste more creamy. 

About Salubris Pure Organic

  • Salubris Pure Organic  is a brand owned by Pure Organic Farmers group.
  • The group has now 500+ farmers
  • The group has won numerous awards like "Best Farmer", "Krishi Kranti 2017", "Jai Jawan - Jai Kisan 2017", "Ideal Woman Farmer 2018" and many more.

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