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Mustard Seeds / Rai

  • Mustard seeds are rich in selenium which provides resistance against cancer cells formation. It is known to slow down the rate of development of cancer cells.
  • The high amount of magnesium along with selenium in mustard seeds helps reducing the severity of asthma attacks and certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • They also helps in providing relief with migraine.
  • Mustard seeds are excellent for digestion because they increase the metabolism rate of your body.

Mustard seeds by Sampurna Shetkari farmers are grown naturally, without use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. In some of the studies it has been found that organic food contains more nutrients as compared to their regular counterparts, increasing their health benefits.


About Sampurna Shetkari

A group of 100 farmers led by Santosh Bhapkar and Jyoti Bhapkar, these farmers have been doing organic farming since 2006. Their emphasis on local and regional seed collection has yielded in development of good local genome bank of seeds.

The group has been awarded many times for their quality work and is becoming rapidly popular in Maharashtra

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