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Little Grains with High Protien

Amaranth seeds or Rajgira are one of the oldest things cultivated and eaten by humans. They have been part of human diet for more than 8000 years. Here are their amazing benefits

  • These small seeds have unusually high amount of protein, highest among grains and almost similar to non-vegetarian food.
  • They are high in Lysine which our body cannot product. Lysine is one essential amino acid that plays a role in calcium absorption. It also burns fat and maintains the skin, tendons, cartilage, and bones.
  • They are completely gluten free
  • Calcium in Amaranth seeds is almost twice of what we get from milk.
  • They help with hair loss and slow down greying.


About Sampurna Shetkari

A group of 100 farmers led by Santosh Bhapkar and Jyoti Bhapkar, these farmers have been doing organic farming since 2006. Their emphasis on local and regional seed collection has yielded in development of good local genome bank of seeds.

The group has been awarded many times for their quality work and is becoming rapidly popular in Maharashtra

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