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Black Sesame seeds are unhulled version of white sesame seeds. The outer black covering results in a bit more bitter taste as compared to its white counterpart, but also provides more health benefits.

Apart from adding a tasty crunch to your dishes, sesame seeds are highly nutritious. Added to the sweet dishes prepared during the winter months, this seed has the ability to keep the body warm and is highly beneficial in many ways.

  • Black sesame is higher in calcium and zinc content as compared to white sesame seeds, making them extremely good for health of your bones.
  • They are rich in vitamin B and iron, which gives them anti-aging properties.
  • The sesamin found in sesame seeds is found to protect the liver against the damage caused by free radicals in the body.
  • These seeds are rich in fiber, lignans (cell reinforcements) and phytosterol (phytochemicals), which can protect you against the development of colon cancer.

Add sesame seeds to stir-fries, granola and granola bars, bread and muffins, crackers, smoothies, hummus and garnishes to enhance the tasty crunch and flavour.

You can use sesame seed butter also known as tahini, for special dishes. Sprinkle them over meals and salads to make them healthy and tasty.


About Sampurna Shetkari

A group of 100 farmers led by Santosh Bhapkar and Jyoti Bhapkar, these farmers have been doing organic farming since 2006. Their emphasis on local and regional seed collection has yielded in development of good local genome bank of seeds.

The group has been awarded many times for their quality work and is becoming rapidly popular in Maharashtra

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