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Organic Brown Chana: The Energy Booster

Chana or Bengal Gram is one of the earliest cultivated legumes and are cultivated in huge proportions on the Indian subcontinent. This is a smaller version of the regular pale yellow chickpea and is a high source of protein. Originally used as animal food, has now become an important part of the Indian cuisine and a wholesome diet.  

Brown chickpeas are a powerhouse of nutrients which help prevent diabetes and aid in weight loss. One serving of chickpeas also has a significant amount of magnesium and potassium which can regulate cholesterol levels and boost heart health. It also contains essential vitamins, iron, folate, phosphorus, protein and dietary fibre. The fibre content has a potential of improving the digestive system if the legumes are added to the daily diet.

The brown chickpeas are used in different recipes from India. Some recipes have boiled chickpeas used in salads and some which use them in curries. A famous dish from India made from chickpeas is Chana Masala which is prepared with different spices and tastes delicious with Roti. Chaat is another recipe from the north which has a blend of different kinds of spices with boiled chickpeas.

About Sampurna Shetkari

A group of 100 farmers led by Santosh Bhapkar and Jyoti Bhapkar, these farmers have been doing organic farming since 2006. Their emphasis on local and regional seed collection has yielded in development of good local genome bank of seeds.

The group has been awarded many times for their quality work and is becoming rapidly popular in Maharashtra

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