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Urad / Black Gram

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Organic Urad / Black Gram

A popular dal from the North of India is Urad or Black Gram. It is known for its creamy texture paired with Indian spices. It is commonly prepared on a daily basis in Indian households as it holds the same amount of protein as any other legume. It is convenient to cook and has a comforting effect on the digestive system due to its high fibre content.

Black gram is an energy booster because of high iron content and excellent source of minerals. It is great to enhance the bone strength and health of your heart. Its benefits are not limited too healthy body but as well as an aid to reduce acne scars and improve the quality of skin and hair.

Black gram or Urad can be really effective during pregnancy as it gives energy to the mother’s body to produce enough energy for the young fetus. Consuming Urad Dal can be really comforting for days when your body is exhausted or unwell.

About Sanyam Naturals

Sanyam Naturals is a brand owned by a young organic farmer, Sudhir Patel. Sudhir hails from Madhya Pradesh and is an ardent follower of the Zero Budget Natural Farming. In 4 years since he has started organic farming, he has accomplished more than what most farmers do in 10 years. He was also awarded the best organic farmer in his district.

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