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Cold Pressed Groundnut / Moongfali Oil

While the market is flooded with inexpensive refined oil, organically grown groundnut cold-pressed oil is a saviour. This is cold-pressed oil is produced using the traditional Ghani method which ensures that all the nutrients from the groundnut are retained unlike in the refined oil. Cold-pressed groundnut oil used to be the traditional cooking oil used in the south of India until refined oil took over the market.

The oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to it. It also contains essential fatty acids which are completely free of cholesterol. The rich sources of oleic acid found in groundnut help to boost your immune system. Groundnut oil added to any dish gives it a mild flavour to it and because of its high smoking point, it can be used for high-temperature cooking as well.

This can be a healthy addition to your regular meals to increase the overall health quotient of your body.

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