Timbaktu Organic Finger Millet Flour

Ragi Atta / Finger Millet Flour

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Organic Ragi Atta / Finger Millet Flour

One of the most known ancient grain which is making a comeback in the contemporary world is Ragi or Finger millet. It’s known as the super food for its extremely high content of protein. It is generally the only food that newborn baby is fed to regulate its growth in initial days. Ragi has an origin to Indian lands and our ancestors vouch highly for it. It is consumed in different forms and in different types of dishes. The modern family of India have tried to incorporate Ragi in Salads and bakery.

Ragi is loaded with calcium, antioxidants, fibre and protein. Its superpower is to enhance immunity and endurance of a body. Its gluten-free element allows it to also be consumed as Indian bread. It has gained popularity in the western sustainable culture and ranks the highest super food preference.

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Timbaktu Organic is owned by Dharani Farming and Marketing Cooperative, a farmer producer organization and has been engaged in organic farming since 2008. This Farmer Co-operative is promoted by 'The Timbaktu Collective', a well-known non-profit organisation in Ananthapuramu that collaborates with more than 22,500 families as part of various thematic programmes.

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