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Super food for growing babies

Sprouted Ragi malt is made by first germinating and sprouting Ragi grains and then drying and grounding them. The process of sprouting increases nutrients multi fold and makes it an extremely healthy food for babies. Here are some of the benefits

  • Sprouted Ragi malt is almost 20 times higher in calcium, which is also easier to absorb. This makes it very good for bone development of growing babies.
  • Germinating and sprouting increases the iron content to 50 mg per 100 g of malt, almost 10 times higher than regular Ragi flour.
  • Sprouting also increases other nutrients like vitamin B12, proteins, anti-oxidants etc, and reduces anti-nutrients. This makes absorption of nutrients mush easier.
  • Sprouting makes it easy to digest for little tummies.

Note: Please consult your doctor before introducing new solid food to your baby.


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Timbaktu Organic is owned by Dharani Farming and Marketing Cooperative, a farmer producer organization and has been engaged in organic farming since 2008. This Farmer Co-operative is promoted by 'The Timbaktu Collective', a well-known non-profit organisation in Ananthapuramu that collaborates with more than 22,500 families as part of various thematic programmes.

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